Our story

Our story

In 1987 God gave a very clear outline of a work that he wanted to set up. Three years later he indicated that it was time to share the vision with a small group. Was it from God or just a good idea?

– If the latter it would be a disaster but if from God we had to go ahead. One of that group, unbeknown to the rest of us, had inherited Burmington Mill a couple of years previously and offered us the use of the ground floor rent free until they needed to sell. It was semi-derelict but with wonderful help from volunteers and one skilled builder it was ready just in time to open by January 1991. The first day with the paint still wet on the walls 91 people came for tea!
About 18 months later, with the ground floor serving the general public as a coffee room and shop, selling Christian books, cards and crafts made by Christians, we were loaned the rest of the four-storey building which, again with the help of volunteers and one skilled builder, was transformed, over many months, into a residential, non-denominational centre serving ‘the church’ nationwide. Purely by word of mouth God brought groups and individuals in to use the place.
On 9 April 1994 a ‘word’ was given that ‘the building would be God’s within the year’, by a prophet who had no idea that the Trust needed to purchase the estate but had no money. On  6 April 1995, with three days to spare, the Trust completed the purchase of the whole seven and a half acre estate without having asked anyone for any money. This was one of the many miracles experienced from the beginning until now.

In 1998 God used a four foot flood to refurbish the ground floor of the mill, enlarging the size of the coffee room, giving us excellent fixtures and fittings for the shop area and a prayer/meeting room.

For the next ten years God continued to grow the ministries both to ‘the church’ and the general public through the service of many dedicated volunteers with thousands of guests meeting with him and returning home to this nation, and others, renewed, challenged and blessed with new vision.
Then suddenly, unexpectedly in July 2007, when the work was at its peak he put a halt to everything through the seven foot flood. The mill was still being dried out by industrial dehumidifiers when in September in the middle of one night, flames burst out of the front first floor windows, taking out half of the inside of the building.
Thirty hours later the fire rekindled and took out the rest of the inside.

What was our heavenly Father saying?

What was his plan?

In April/May 2008 at Father’s request the Trustees, wonderfully supported by three wise men, met to formally put the Trust to death, but right at the outset of that meeting, through a prophetic word, Father made it very clear that if put to death the seed would bring forth much fruit.

So the refurbishment of the buildings continued without knowing what the new vision would be, but knowing that the mill was now to be called ‘The House of Bread’ and that fresh bread was to be provided for all who are really hungry.
The mill re-opened as The House of Bread in spring 2010. We continue to welcome people on retreat and to come along to various events hosted by the community. We also welcome churches and Christian organisations to host their own events.

Please see ‘Our vision’ for the future life of The House of Bread.